The PNEUPAC MODEL 2150 AIR FLOW packer is capable of packing a wide variety of dry products ranging in particle size from 325 mesh to 3/8". The machine is designed to fill valve bags of either paper or plastic.

Several configurations are offered, dependent upon the characteristics of the products being packaged.

The machine utilizes low pressure air from a blower or other high volume source to fluidize the product and force it into the bag under low pressure. The machine is controlled electrically and the major actuators are air cylinder operated devises.


General Application

The IMPAC MODEL 6150 IMPELLER packer has been designed for filling fine powdered products such as cement, talc, clay, grout, and similar products into valve bags. The machine is fitted with a fluidizing feed hopper which feeds powder to the impeller vanes which, in turn, pump the powder into the bag.



Any of our valve packers can be modified for sewn open mouth bags!

Ask about our "Q" line of packers. These are stripped down versions of our standard packers without load cell activated computer controls. Basic weight tripping devices are built in and work very efficiently. These packers have the same basic design as our standard units but are priced for those not needing the Autopak 3000 controller based systems. Prices start at $19,000 for the very basic model.


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