General Application

The PAC21AUTOBAGPLACER (model 9500) will fill up to 18 bags per minute on 2 spouts with continuous spouting momentum. PAC21AUTOBAGPLACER spouter works with the exclusive PAC 21 valve-former to provide 99% - or better - spouting accuracy. Fast response time and high spouting efficiency produce a highly effective bag placer which will pack literally millions of pounds more product per year than conventional bag placers. The design of the machine allows multiple spouts to be added to the line with corresponding increase to productivity.

The PAC21AUTOBAGPLACER has been designed by Will Durant who brings 50 years of machine design and three generations of bag placer designs to this machine. He has been working on the QUIK PIC concept for years and PAC 21 is very proud to take this bag placer to market. The key element of this machine that allows almost perfect bag placement is the "tandem" bag holder that lines several bags in a method that insures proper placement on the filling spout. You can view a PAC21AUTOBAGPLACER on "youtube" running at a reduced speed for the video.